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17 tips for Pre wedding Shoot for couples: A 2019 Guide

What’s the relevance of a pre wedding Shoot?

To begin with, in a pre wedding shoot, you should look the best and be your best and create a memory for ever. A picture which is worthy of being on a wall. So here we are presenting you with our top tips for pre wedding shoot so that you get the most out of your pre wedding photoshoot session.

Pre wedding Short skirt

Whether arrange or love marriage, a couple wants to spend time together to know each other. And Pre-wedding shoot is one way of spending time and breaking the news that they are getting married!! That’s how save the date pics are sent on WhatsApp and Facebook. Whats trending for 2019 is the short videos and GIF’s as Invites.

pre wedding shoot save the date ideas

What does a pre wedding shoot capture?

Pre wedding shoot captures a lot many things which get unfolded one by one with each passing day, week, month and year. As our love grows, photographs give us different reasons to cherish the memories with each passing day. The pictures should age gracefully as you age.

To sum it up a pre wedding shoot captures all of these below:

  1. A special feeling before the marriage
  2. The newness of being in a relationship
  3. Celebration of being together
  4. Memories for the future
  5. Love and affection for each other
  6. Nothing but sweet nothings

So lets begin with our tips for pre wedding shoot.

Know your style and choose how you want to be shot

  1. Engagement Photoshoot- Engagement photoshoot is the casual shoot where the pictures become the keepsake. When you are married these pictures will help reminiscing the good old days spent together.tips for pre wedding shoot walk
  2. Stylised Photoshoot- It’s a planned photoshoot which goes well with your love story. It could be based on a movie or shot like a cover page of a novel or your favourite book or a shoot which tells where you first met. You may need to create a set for this shoot or ask your photographer if this can be edited as per your choice. Discuss with your photographer about the props and the little things that are required.
  3. Miniature Photoshoot – A new in trend, miniature photoshoot, where the couple is sent into the macro world. Its a time consuming and a difficult process, discuss with your photographer about the ideas and see if he can execute some. Our other Miniature shoot pics can be seen herePre wedding miniature shoot
  4. Conceptual Photo shoot – A love message is crafted in an artistic way to form pictures and here we let the pictures do the talking. pre wedding ring shot
  5. Destination Photo shoot- Destination photo shoot gives you exclusive pictures and adds newness. Couples choose a country or location where they dream to visit together to create memories. This is a little time consuming for both you and the photographer but the results are always mind blowing. Pre Wedding Shoot twirl
  6. The “Activity” style- This applies to the couple passionate about any sport, cooking, dance etc  For example – A shoot with a bike wearing sexy boots and riding gear, Playing tennis , painting , horse riding, cooking  etc.Pre Wedding Photo Shoot cake pic
  7. The party style- Here come heels and tuxedo with some dance moves in the woods or under the bridge. The location depends totally on the couple as to where and how they want their party style to be covered. pre wedding party shoot
  8. Your own style- More than anything what works best is your own style. How you see each other as a couple and how you want your portrait to be. Speak to our consultant and photographer on what you have in mind to give you the best possible results. pre wedding guitar photo
  9. Clichéd Photo shoot – Sometimes the clichéd photo shoot is the best decision ever for the couple who cannot think clearly what they are looking for. A clichéd shoot is tried and tested and you cannot go wrong with that choice.pre wedding proposal photo
  10. Using Props- you can carry some props which will go well with the shoot for eg. petals, bubble maker or baloons. Or a few props from the location can be used as well. For eg. Piano’s at a 5 star hotel. tips for pre wedding shoot
  11. Stick to simplicity- More than anything your bond with your partner will reflect happiness over the camera. The true expression when you are with someone you love will give the best results and your pictures will shine forever. This shoot may involve wearing the most comfortable outfit and chasing the butterflies in the garden, holding hands when the sun is setting, leaning and walking on the beach, sharing sweet nothings while the camera is focusing you two.


Few things to be kept in mind before the pre-wedding shoot

  1. Choosing a Photographer- Your photographer’s previous work on social media or on website can give you insight about his style of shooting. If his style matches with your style, then you can check on his availability on the dates you plan your shoot and many photographers may not discuss the location without the booking.
  2. Location generally depends upon the kind of shoot that you have in mind. If you plan to go ahead with two themes, one location might not work for you. For example traditional theme looks better if it’s shot at some royal architecture where as playful theme can be shot even on streets. Talk to your photographer if you plan to go ahead with both. Once you book your photographer then you can discuss about the location and theme. A good location will always help the photographer shoot something different and cool. pre wedding bikini photo
  3. Dress- Anything that suits you the best. It can be related to the theme that you have in mind for the shoot. Avoid experimenting the same day with dresses. Do your homework on the makeup and what you are going to wear. You can even pick 3-4 dresses for a day’s shoot.tips for pre wedding shoot forest
  4. Time- The best timings for the shoot are mornings and evenings. Remember, a good photographer can create sunset anytime 😉 pre wedding sunset shoot
  5. Be in your best mood since no Photoshop or app can perfect a fake smile.tips for pre wedding shoot picnic
  6. Please please please do not come with your friends and family for the pre-wedding couple shoot. It becomes really difficult for some couples to give that perfect shot since they are busy getting conscious seeing others.

For a look into how many variations we can create in a shoot, check out this link -> here .

We hope you liked these tips for pre wedding shoot and would incorporate them in your shoot. Leave us a comment below if you appreciated our pre wedding photography. We hope these pictures will help you plan your pre wedding shoot and get the most out of it. As an when we come up with more tips for pre wedding shoot, we will keep on updating the blog.

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