Importance of Photography at your wedding

A wedding is not only about the couple but it is about the families and friends coming together to celebrate and be a part of your happiness. For celebration to be special there’s so much of work like venue selection, jewelry, clothes trials and tailor visits, shoe shopping, selecting the makeup artist, décor, booking the DJ guy, finalizing Invitation cards,  food menu etc . The wedding planning takes place even before months. Bride and groom pay attention to details and select vendors who make their wedding day look like the way it has been imagined. And all of these details and months of hard work need to be captured as we take the memories forward with the help of Photography. The one who will be responsible for making your day memorable – is the Photographer. Think about the time and money spent on the décor of the venue and not having any beautiful memory of the venue and décor. The reason why people prefer to hire only the Professional photographer is that they don’t have to do the hand holding of the photographer. The photographer knows his job well which can be understood from the following points in detail.

Why to hire a Professional Photographer

Very often clients don’t understand the benefits of hiring a professional photographer and get happy with a reasonable resource/ photographer friend who just started to press the click button.

The decision of choosing a photographer is your decision only but if you make the decision by knowing the pros and cons, you may end up making the correct choice. This article may benefit you in long run and you will have the freshness of your pictures alive year after year.

A professional photographer is an experienced person who has spent hours and hours into training and photographing weddings. They predict the shot before clicking it every time. They also know how a shot is composed with skill and precision. Many of you still think that it’s the camera which does it all. The photographer tells the camera what needs to be done, at what settings reading the light around. A camera cannot really read the light and set itself or see the beautiful moment and click itself, can it?

After shooting around 100s of weddings a pro knows where to look and when. What ritual is important and what can be ignored. He knows when to click that perfect shot when your mom has that teary eye looking at you exchanging garlands. These are the things that come with experience.

A pro knows where the best spot in the darkest of the room and where the best light will be to give you that perfect shot which can be your profile picture for almost two years.

So if pictures are important to you and you wish to hire a professional photographer you should be allocating 12-18% of the total wedding budget for Photography, of course this varies as to how much importance you wish to give to your memories.

Pixelworks at Weddings

We are experienced in understanding your emotions and happiness on the wedding day. We know when to be quiet and how to advise you for something which doesn’t seem right in the frame. At the same time we know how to bring people together and form that memorable group picture which becomes a memory to be cherished and kept in a photo frame for the lifetime. All of these don’t come handy in just one day of training or practice. It takes time.

We as professional photographers don’t rely only on one camera or handful of batteries on your special day. We carry backup of all the camera gear, back up of even the shooters since as professionals we have that network as per the skill set of the photographers. We do hope for the best, however we are prepared for any uncalled situation too.

Of course your “iphone” has a good camera, but it is incapable of giving you the results what a Professional DSLR in the hands of professional wedding photographer can give. Let the phone users/guests keep it for their personal use.

Summing up

Professional photographers are the people who love what they do. By hiring them you show that you trust them. Professional photographers thrive on customer satisfaction and go that extra mile to give you memories in terms of pictures that can tell your story about for a lifetime.

Hiring a photographer with no experience means taking risk on your special day for your lifetime memories. Hiring a non professional could be a wrong move since these people will not know the running around needed on a wedding day without hampering ceremonies.

In the end, your decision is going to be the best decision based on your choices. And then there is no looking back after you have booked a photographer since you will never get to know what more you got or what you missed.



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