34 Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas and trends for 2020 season – The ultimate guide for couples and photographers

Pre wedding shoot Ideas are never enough.. Phew !!

We all are looking for inspiration when it comes to try something new. A pre wedding shoot perhaps !!

What are the ideas for Pre wedding shoot ? Are you looking for unique ideas for your Pre wedding shoot ? 

Here are some Top 10 Quick Ideas for your Pre wedding Shoot.

  1. Night Shoot : A unique shoot not seen very often. Must try if you love the sparkle of the night
  2. Miniature Shoot: Fun loving couples who want something different should not miss out on a the miniature shoot.
  3. Shoot with Horses/pets: For the royal look and a must have for animal lovers.
  4. Bikes and Pre Wedding : Get a jazzy sports bike to add spark on your pre wedding shoot.
  5. Date Night : Get a romantic date night shot from your photographer
  6. Shoot at the Lake or a Beach : For Nature lovers, its a must have. The romantic shots by the lake make for awesome moments and memories.
  7. Underwater shoot: so unique that only a handful of people can pull this off. Try it if you two can swim.
  8. Sky lantern and fireworks: combine with night-shoot to get some unique stuff out of your pics.
  9. Romantic Picnic : setup a nice romantic picnic on a green pasture under a tea for some romantic moments.
  10. Music : Get your guitar, bluetooth speakers or headphones and connect with each other over music……. Scroll below for 24 more such ideas along with pics

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When you are at the doorstep of getting your pre wedding photoshoot done, this one article can hand you what you are looking for…. yes your own inspirational pre wedding shoot ideas.

1.Light the Night – How about a Prewedding shoot at Night? Ummm under the lamp post, sharing special time by the lake or just counting stars.

pre wedding video

Love-lit Night

Pre wedding shoot ideas Night and umbrella

Love knows no bounds

Pre wedding night photography has a charm of its own as most photographers will do a pre wedding shoot in day time or the famous “golden hour pre wedding shoot”. This is one of the coolest ways to have different pre wedding photos.

2.Smoke Bombs– The in thing these days, Smoke bomb, not only acts as an amazing prop but the photograph makes you feel the magic  of being in love. Try these  for sure for some unique prewedding photos.

pre wedding shoot ideas color smoke

Colorful Adventure !

Pre wedding photo shoot trends 2018 smokebomb

Pink Romance

3.Pet and Prewedding – This one goes for animal lovers. It is such a delight to have your pets as a part of your pre wedding shoot.

pre wedding shoot ideas pet

Pride, Pet and Pre-Wedding

Pre wedding shoot ideas pet love

Love for Pet

4.Traditional Wear– Traditional wear has never lost its charm. The western dresses got popular from the year 2013 to 2018. The new year 2020 is the year to get dressed in Traditional and lets you set an example for others. Pre wedding shoot in saree is specially trending right now.

pre wedding shoot trends 2018 punjabi

Props enhancing Traditional attire

Prewedding photo shoot trends 2018 saree

Sassy Saree

pre wedding photoshoot trends 2018 traditional saree

Together Forever

5.Magic of Rain – People getting married in and around monsoon season can make the use of natural prop – Rains.

Rains set the mood romantic and photography captures it. Check out some pictures. However, this pre wedding shoot idea can only be done during monsoons.

Welcoming Rains

Pre wedding shoot at Okayama Garden

Rains – Adding Newness

Pre weddding love

Rainy Love

6.Feel the Festivals – It is so amazing to celebrate with the one you love. Be it Holi or Diwali. Boy you have to believe this that when you pose to celebrate festivals with your special one, it becomes candid. See the glimpses to check out.

Pre wedding shoot ideas holi

Happiness and Holi

Pre wedding shoot ideas Holi hug

A hug on Holi

7.Natural Surroundings – Pune gives you amazing variety in physical features. From hills to lakes, well laid gardens to resorts, woods to nearby beaches. talk to your photographer on how two locations can be merged and get you some nice prewedding photos in the lap of nature.

Pre wedding shoot at Okayama Garden couple

Naturally Together

Pre wedding shoot trends 2018 natural surrounding

When Love finds You

8.Boating and Pre-wedding – How about spending time when the two of you are together, boating, sharing sweet smiles.

Pre wedding shoot ideas boating

Boat Love

Pre wedding shoot ideas boating

Amazing view and the two

9.Bike and Love Ride – If you are a biker never miss an opportunity of having a bike ride on your pre wedding shoot. When you know that you have a skilled photographer, why not make the most of your Pre wedding shoot.


pre wedding shoot ideas passion

Passion Love Adventure

Pre wedding shoot ideas bike

Romantic Ride

pre wedding shoot ideas bike ride

It’s the journey that matters….

A bike photo shoot timeless ride

Timeless moment !!

10.Love for beaches – We find beach and surroundings to be the most romantic location. It gives you many reasons to fall in love again. A hammock at the beach makes for a nice shot of you having a good time.

Hammock and Beach Love


drone shoot beach

Art from up above

Pre wedding shoot ideas near beach

When you explore new places together

11.Date Night – How about making the most special memories. Frame the time spent dating and conversations over coffee.

pre wedding shoot ideas date

Worth Framing

pre wedding shoot ideas coffee

When you are in Love

12.Celebrating the togetherness– The time has arrived where you show all your love by doing little things. It could be lighting up candles and hoping for a better future, celebrating just the two of you cheering with the wine, playing guitar and set the romantic mood just right.

pre wedding shoot trends 2018 books

Timeless !

pre wedding shoot trends 2018 candle romance

Candle-lit-Romance !

13.Perfect Proposal – All couples have gone through this moment. Sometimes a proposal is a sweet simple “I love you” and sometimes a pompous ceremony.  However it may be, why not get the proposal covered in your pre wedding shoot? And we are sure this is one of your pre wedding shoot ideas. isn’t it ?

pre wedding shoot ideas proposal

She said “Yes”

14.Kiss of Love – A picture of this category will surely enhance your wall of frames. If the pretty ladies prefer to wear evening gowns with flair, then go for such pictures where the dress has its own share in beautifying the picture. A picture like this is sure to strengthen your bond of love, each passing day.

Pre Wedding Shoot europe fire place


15.Underwater Kiss- An underwater pre wedding shoot, requires couples to be swimmers and on top of it requires photographer to be fully skilled in swimming as well as shooting underwater. If you all can swim, underwater pre wedding shoot is very unique and it is definitely a special addition to your pre wedding memories. This is definitely not a typical Indian pre wedding shoot pose. This is one of the most difficult to execute pre wedding shoot idea.

underwater pre wedding shoot

Love knows no boundaries

16. When Traveling is fun – This special idea is for the couples with travel goals, when they want to live this dream each day.

pre wedding shoot ideas traveling

Couples who love to travel

17.Heartfelt Hobbies – Sometimes common liking, quality or hobby is the reason of beginning of a relationship. It could be sports, music, dance, art, history or just being foodies. What’s a prewedding without what you love?

Pre wedding shoot, piano

Music and Love

18.Mind-blowing Miniature – Miniature shots are in and is the order of today. If this is one of the pre wedding shoot ideas that you are looking for, let your photographer know. Miniature shoot is time consuming and needs proper planning on how you want it to be.

pre wedding shoot ideas miniature

Be Mine

pre wedding shoot ideas miniature shot

The Lilliput Love

Pre wedding shoot ideas ring proposal

The proposal !!

19.Worthwhile Walk – When the joy of sharing sweet nothings turn into togetherness for a lifetime, you know the walk was worthwhile.

pre wedding shoot ideas walking


pre wedding walking shot

Sharing Sweet Nothings

20.Shining Sunset – Sunset has its own love charm and we know when to capture your love shining bright. Time to take a dip in the pool?

Pre Wedding Shoot swimming pool

Romancing the sunset

21.Silhouette and Sunsets – Silhouettes at sunsets look amazing and you should make it a must have shot and keep it in the top of the list of your pre wedding shoot ideas.

Just the Two

Indian pre wedding shoot sunset

Loverise and Sunset

lake pre wedding shoot sunset kiss


22. Make a wish with Lantern – This is for those who believe in magic.

pre wedding shoot ideas lantern

When you believe in Magic

23.Glorious Romance – Never leave an opportunity to show your affection, after all this is a memory you are creating for life time.This is for camera shy people to know- your photographer is a pro in capturing couples hugging and kissing, so don’t hesitate, we really can’t photoshop your shyness.

pre wedding photoshoot trends 2018

When you find Special Someone

24.Freshness of Fun  – Do what makes you laugh out loud. The couples who love to have fun are made up of sugar and spice. Let your photographer capture that ingredient which makes you laugh to the hilt.

Pre Wedding Photo Shoot jumping shot

Love and Laughter

25.Pomp the Props –  It is commonly known that props add that variety to the set of pictures. Pixelworks advises  you to use props wisely. Clarity about the chemistry that you share enhances the picture. For example- if you want passionate love to be reflected in the pictures, funny wigs and funny sunglasses will not help you…. And if you want to add fun then evening gown, wine glasses and tuxedo may not blend well with fun props.

Pre Wedding Shoot fool jhadi

Creating Love

Pre Wedding Photo Shoot posing

Look back with confidence and Move ahead with a smile

26.Delight in Date-saving –  We really cannot stop the time, all we can do is, save the date with pictures to extend invitation on social media. Use pool/snooker table creatively to make a wonderful save the date picture, hows this Idea for your pre wedding shoot in 2020?

When Saving the date is so much fun

pre wedding shoot ideas for save the date

When the date is saved

Pre wedding save date

Getting Married Soon

27.Love for Location – Location enlivens the happiness, changes our mood and we forget the daily life stress…. And that freshness is what your photographer looks for when he holds the camera.

Pre wedding photos hug

Bridge of Love

pre wedding shoot ideas bridge

Enjoying the Togetherness

Pre Wedding Shoot europe

Royally Together

28.Sweet Surprises – We love getting surprises and when surprise is in your list of pre wedding ideas, you are sorted. Get that captured !!

Pre Wedding Photo Shoot apron

Sweet Surprise

or surprise her with flowers…A classic pre wedding shoot idea, isn’t it? Still great for your shoot in 2020.

pre wedding flower

Rose and Propose

29 Cafe Connect– How about getting captured in a location as good as Cafes. Most couples date and meet at cafes and hence this should be a must in your pre wedding ideas for 2020.

Cafe and endless talks

Proposal in Cafe

30.Plan a Picnic – One of the activity based pre wedding ideas that lets you know each other differently. A pretend play of being together after marriage…. What say ??

pre wedding picnic

When you shine in Love

31. Ever thought of Horses (yay or Neighhh) – worth having this idea for an exclusive shoot ! Horses will always be elegant for your shoot, even in 2020

Pre wedding shoot ideas love for horses

Love for Horses

32. Music connects – When music connects you two, you know being in love is so much fun.

pre wedding shoot ideas music

Music Connects 

33. Surroundings and Patterns – Get those patterns included in your pictures and make them look mind- blowing

Pattern of Endless talks

Pattern of Love

34. Pool Side Love – The most sizzling romance. Make this your perfect memory.

Pool of Love

Keep Social Media on Mind – We have couples coming in for pre wedding shoot with an objective as clear as crystal. They only need amazing pictures for social media. Social media is a powerful tool that keeps you connected with loved ones through pictures and videos, hence the need of professional photography emerged. Pixelworks promises you more Facebook and Instagram likes than ever on your profile pictures.

Video in Vouge Pre wedding video invites/ highlights are high in demand. Along with save the date picture, it has an everlasting effect on the guests invited. Videos give you a lifetime memory to cherish your togetherness time and again. Read our post on Pre wedding Video ideas and types.

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Make an enquiry if our style of photography interests you. We are sure to come up with more tips and articles worth your time. We hope these indian pre wedding shoot poses and ideas will help you out in your shoot.


Q1. I am looking for a unique Pre wedding shoot, can you help me with some nice ideas? 

A – For a Unique Pre wedding shoot you can plan for some uncommon things like Underwater Pre wedding shoot, Pre wedding shoot with horses, Miniature shoot and a shoot at Night. Some samples of these ideas are already listed above, have a look.

Q2. What songs should I plan for my Pre wedding video?

Ans – Check out recent songs for your Pre wedding shoot

Q3. I like the ideas but can you help me with dresses for my Pre wedding shoot?

Ans-  Check out the Trending dresses for Pre wedding shoot In India.

Q4. Why do I need a pre wedding shoot? What are the tips that can help me on my Pre wedding shoot?

Ans – Here are some tips for your Pre  wedding shoot.

Q5. What Poses should I keep in mind for my Pre wedding shoot?

Ans- Here is a guide to help you with 99 poses for your Pre wedding shoot.

Q6. What are the best locations for Pre wedding shoot in Pune?

Ans- Best locations for pre wedding shoot in Pune.

Q7. What is the worth of my Pre wedding shoot?

Ans- Here you go to check the worth of your Pre wedding shoot.


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