Just as the photographs are for a lifetime, videos make the moment alive. Videos are empowering and full of life. Yes we are talking about the pre wedding video shoot and their everlasting presence in a couple’s life.

Why do people get the videos made along with Pre wedding? Are pre wedding video 2019 the new thing? What are the Pre wedding trends 2019? The simple reasons as follows

a. Whats app Invite

WhatsApp invites are generally crisp and short videos which acts as the most personal way of extending an invite for saving the wedding date. Generally it bears 1 minute – 1.5 minute of length or sometimes around 2 minutes. Some couples may find the pre wedding video length to be short but this length has advantages. 1. It is easily downloadable ( Pre wedding video download is easy) 2. Recipient watches the full and does not leave it half way.

Piyusha & Manish

Pooja & Piyush

Raman and Gazal (longer video)

b. Highlight Video

Highlight video is the video which becomes the highlight of the pre wedding event. Highlight videos are generally 3-4 minute long. It can either be a pre wedding music video or mix of pre wedding video shoot and glimpses some pre wedding function. Generally it is played on Sangeet ceremony (on LED wall) where you already have attention of your guests. Shooting time of this pre wedding video is generally 4-5 hours.

Vic & Tez (Music Video)

Pinki & Roopesh

Yogesh & Sherina

Ajinkya & Juhi

Pre wedding video shoot is trending these days, If you want your pre wedding video as amazing as the above videos, contact Pixelworks. Follow us for the recent wedding and Pre wedding work on Instagram and Facebook.

For what’s trending for 2018 in pre wedding shoot, check out our blog now! For Pre wedding video download contact us on 98-230-33-187

We promise to keep bringing you mind blowing stuff as always. C ya !




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