Confused about Pre wedding shoot dresses ?? Not anymore !! Check out the pre wedding shoot dresses in vogue these days for The ladies and for gentlemen. Pixelworks bring to you almost 23 different couples who wore these dresses to their very own Pre wedding shoot.

If you want a quick list of Dresses for a pre wedding shoot here it is.

  1. Anarkali
  2. Lehenga
  3. Dhoti and crop top
  4. Evening gown
  5. Midi Dress
  6. Dungarees
  7. Backless Dress…… Scroll down for pre wedding outfit ideas for women

Dresses for Pre wedding Shoot for Men

  1. Tuxedo
  2. Suit
  3. Printed Short/tshirt
  4. Pathani Suit
  5. Nehru Jacket/Achkan
  6. Round Neck T with Blazer
  7. T shirt and Shorts…… Scroll down for pre wedding photoshoot outfit ideas for men

If you want to look at how those look, you will have to scroll down to see the pics

Dresses for pre wedding shoot – Women

(Scroll down to know Pre wedding shoot dresses for Him and for couples)

(FAQs related to the Pre wedding shoot at the bottom of this article)

1. Anarkali – Be it an Anarkali dress or A line evening gown, never miss a twirl shot. Make Anarkali one of your pre wedding shoot dresses.

pre wedding shoot dresses anarkali twirl

Twirl Anywhere – Anarkali and Kurta delight © Pixelworks Photography

Pre wedding shoot dresses Anarkali

Traditionally Dressed ©Pixelworks Photography

2. Lehenga – The tradition is taking the lead this time and when it comes to lehenga – you have to really see it to believe it – how big a difference it makes!

pre wedding shoot dresses lehenga

Smoky Twirl and Lehenga ©Pixelworks Photography

Pre wedding shoot dresses men wearing suit

Special Time Spent with Special someone ©Pixelworks Photography

3. Saree – The most elegant attire speaks so much about grace and how to appear perfectly poised. Pre wedding shoot in saree in trending now a days and we expect it to be a popular dress for 2022 as well.

pre wedding shoot dresses navaari saree

The Navaari Happiness and the Kurta Glow ©Pixelworks Photography

Pre wedding dress Saree

Purple Romance © Pixelworks Photography

4. Dhoti and crop top – It’s your style that matters. If you know how to blend accessories with your kinda dress then your picture says it all.

pre wedding shoot dresses dhoti

Walk the talk and world is all yours !! Dhoti and the casual look ©Pixelworks Photography

dress for pre wedding shoot

Capturing Love in Indian attire ©Pixelworks Photography

5. Evening gown – Having a couple shot in this attire will make you feel that you are dressed for the perfect evening date. One of the important pre wedding dresses that you should swear by.

pre wedding shoot dresses evening gown modern

Le Meridien Love Attire- Evening gown and so much more ©Pixelworks Photography

punjabi pre wedding shoot twirl

When the sun shines at Lavasa city, you are sure to twirl ©Pixelworks Photography

pre wedding shoot dresses evening gown

Love makes you complete with a perfect combination of an evening gown and Tux ©Pixelworks Photography

Pre wedding dress mauve

Colour for the day light © Pixelworks Photography

6. Midi Dress – A calf length dress is known as midi dress. It is an elegant choice which suits tall as well as short girls. Keep this dress a part of your pre wedding shoot.

pre wedding shoot dresses Midi

Miss Picture perfect in her perfect Midi ©Pixelworks Photography

pre wedding shoot dresses Midi blue

Le Meridien Mahabaleshwar brings up the Blue Midi and Denim combination

pre wedding shoot dresses Midi

Anagha’s beautiful Midi ©Pixelworks Photography

7. Dungarees –  a pair of trousers connected to a bib with shoulder straps. It makes you feel free and casual rather than look formal. Fun shots in this attire as follows

pre wedding shoot dresses dungrees

Fun loving couple ©Pixelworks Photography

8. Salwar Suit or Cotton A-line Kurta– Interesting outfit straight from Punjab with tadka unlimited. Other culture specific dresses can also be included as a part of pre wedding dress. In Maharshtra Navaari is the first choice if traditional wear is planned.

pre wedding shoot trends 2018 Punjabi style

Salwar Suit – Traditionally Trendy ©Pixelworks Photography

Pre wedding shoot dresses cotton Kurta

Comfy Cotton Kurta adding style to Pre wedding © Pixelworks Photography

9. Off shoulder/ Cold shoulder/ Tube dresses – Of shoulder dresses cast a spell when worn with great confidence and style. Check out the pre wedding look and plan yours.

Pre wedding shoot dresses off shoulder

Love-lit Night and Off Shoulder Dress ©Pixelworks Photography

pre wedding shoot dresses black off shoulder

Pool of Love © Pixelworks Photography

pre wedding shoot dresses black off shoulder

Grey and black – A forever combination ©Pixelworks Photography

pre wedding shoot dresses off shoulder Pink gown

Pink Romance, from our Pre Wedding shoot from Thailand ©Pixelworks Photography

10. Traditional Evening Gown– Traditional evening gowns generally have embroidery or A-line with an Indian look. One of the pre wedding dresses you can never go wrong with.

pre wedding shoot dresses evening gown indian

Twirl Trending ©Pixelworks Phtography

Pre wedding shoot dresses evening gown

Love and the Lovelies – © Pixelworks Photography

love walk pre wedding

Meet the special two – A combination of Blue ©Pixelworks Photography

11. Deep back/backless dress – If you have the figure to flaunt, why not try some deep back dresses which will accentuate you waistline.

pre wedding shoot dresses deep back

When you have it, Flaunt it © Pixelworks Photography

12. Why not a Velvet Dress –  There is no need of adding an extra bead or Zari when Velvet dress alone is set to rule your Pre wedding shoot

pre wedding shoot dresses velvet dress

Love for Velvet !! © Pixelworks Photography

.13. Parallel Pants and Spaghetti Top – The most in, comfy and yet casual Pre wedding dress.

Pre wedding shoot Dresses Parallel Pants

Parallel Pants – Comfy and Casual © Pixelworks Photography

14. Trail Gowns – Trail gowns are the trending dresses for Pre wedding if you want to incorporate Bollywood Romance in your Pre wedding shoot. Mostly people like to rent these gowns and there are many stores associated with Pixelworks Photography renting these out at affordable cost.

Pre wedding dresses trail gown

Trending Trail Gowns ©Pixelworks Photography

pre wedding dress trail gown

Romancing © Pixelworks Photography

Dresses for Pre wedding shoot – Men 

1.Simple and plain Kurta – Plain kurta lets you be simple and yet comfortable if the couple plans to go ahead with Traditional attire. Men who can Kurta well should plan it when the girl wears either the lehenga or Saree,

pre wedding shoot dresses kurta

Perfect Blend-Shades of Orange ©Pixelworks Photography

2. Suit – The best part of men wearing suit is that it blends well when the ladies wear Indian as well as western attire. Traditional gowns with suit, short dress with suit, sometimes designer saree with suit also goes perfectly well. Suit with and without tie, both look graceful.

Pre wedding shoot dresses midi and suit

Midi dress and Suit- What an attitude ! ©Pixelworks Photography

pre wedding shoot dresses suit men

Casual walk after office hours ©Pixelworks Photography

3. Tuxedo – if a suit makes it up for your moment, a tuxedo makes the moment more special. Check out the glimpses.

Pre wedding shoot dresses tuxedo

Tuxedo and evening gown – Very English Blend

Pre wedding shoot dresses tuxedo and evening gown

Tuxedo making the moment special ©Pixelworks Photography

4. Casual Look – Some people carry the casual look with immense perfection. Presenting the casual look.

pre wedding shoot dresses casual wear

Casual Wear ©Pixelworks Photography

5. Printed Shirt- Prints enhance the happiness and smile, makes you feel forever young.

pre wedding shoot dresses men printed shirt

Prints leaving Imprint

6. Pathani Suit – This goes for people who can carry traditional clothing with poise. Think of wearing a Pathani suit if you want to have variety in your Pre wedding shoot.


pre wedding shoot dresses men pathani suit

Pathani suit with Attitude ©Pixelworks Photography

7. Nehru Jacket/Achkan- Who says that only girls wear different dresses and men can’t have variety. Enhance your Traditional look by wearing this Nehru Jacket either over Kurta or over Jeans and shirt.

pre wedding shoot dresses men nehru jacket

Nehru Jacket © Pixelworks Photography

pre wedding shoot dresses men nehru jacket

Jacket when it rains ©Pixelworks Photography

8. Semi Formal look– Semi formal look can be achieved simply by wearing a jacket over T-shirt. Have a look…

pre wedding shoot dresses men blazer

Semi formal walk and Talk ©Pixelworks Photography

9. Round Neck Tees for him – Sometimes just the usual stuff fits the gap like this round-neck-full-sleeved get up.

pre wedding shoot dresses round neck

So much in Love © Pixelworks Photography

Couple outfit ideas for pre wedding shoot: Twinning and Colour-Coordinated Couples


1. Checked shirts 

pre wedding shoot dresses checked shirts

Checked Shirts in Check List © Pixelworks Photography

pre wedding shoot dresses check shirts and message

Checked Shirts and Message Inside ©Pixelworks Photography

2. Love for Leather jackets

pre wedding shoot dresses leather jacket

Twinning in Love ©Pixelworks Photography

3. In love with Whites

pre wedding shoot dresses white

Wear White Whenever ©Pixelworks Photography

4. Message Sweat shirts

Pre wedding shoot dresses denims

Denims with Sweat-shirt – well coordinated ©Pixelworks Photography

5. Color coordinated  

pre wedding shoot dresses pink

Pink Love ©Pixelworks Photography

pre wedding shoot dresses black

The NEVER-GO-WRONG color – Black ©Pixelworks Photography

Pre wedding shoot dresses

Mustard Love ©Pixelworks Photography

Pre wedding shoot dresses same pinch

Same Pinch © Pixelworks Photography

pre wedding shoot dresses same colour

Twinning Traditionally © Pixelworks Photography

pre wedding shoot dresses army print

When you think and wear same – you are in Love ©Pixelworks Photography

Make an enquiry if our style of photography interests you. We are sure to come up with more tips and articles worth your time. We hope these indian pre wedding shoot poses and ideas will help you out in your shoot.

Pixelworks keeps bringing you knowledge worthy articles to keep you updated with the latest information. If you have trouble finalizing the song for your video check out the New songs for Pre wedding video that will fit your very own video. To know what’s the latest pre wedding trends keep checking our website. We do not provide pre wedding shoot dresses on rent. So if you are looking to rent dresses for pre wedding shoot then we suggest you search on google.

Hope these pre wedding photoshoot outfit ideas will help you looks beautiful and smart on your pre wedding photoshoot. Keep checking our Instagram and facebook and Pinterest for our recent Photographs.


Q1. Do you also provide dresses on rent?

Ans- NO, we don’t provide dresses on rent. The above dresses are for reference only.

Q2. How many dresses can we change in our Pre wedding shoot?

Ans – Well that entirely depends upon the Shoot package that you have picked up from us. Talk to your Photographer or contact person, they will guide you.

Q3. I am looking for a unique Pre wedding shoot, can you help me with some nice ideas? 

Ans – For a Unique Pre wedding shoot you can plan for some uncommon things like Underwater Pre wedding shoot, Pre wedding shoot with horses, Miniature shoot and a shoot at Night. You can still check this link which gives you endless Ideas for your Pre wedding shoot.

Q4. What songs should I plan for my Pre wedding video?

Ans – Check out recent songs for your Pre wedding shoot

Q5. Why do I need a pre wedding shoot? What are the tips that can help me on my Pre wedding shoot?

Ans – Here are some tips for your Pre  wedding shoot.

Q6. What Poses should I keep in mind for my Pre wedding shoot?

Ans- Here is a guide to help you with 99 poses for your Pre wedding shoot.

Q7. What are the best locations for Pre wedding shoot in Pune?

Ans- Best locations for pre wedding shoot in Pune.

Q8. What is the worth of my Pre wedding shoot?

Ans- Here you go to check the worth of your Pre wedding shoot.



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