Couple Photoshoot – Making the most of your Pre Wedding Shoot at Pula Deshpande Garden

Check this video for a quick reference on how this garden appears if you are planning a shoot here

Guys meet the most beautiful couples of Pixelworks Photography at Pula Deshpande Garden in Pune. This Garden is situated within the Pune city and is amazing place for couple photoshoot. Pula Deshpande garden has two phases – Indian and Japanese. The Indian Phase (PuLa Deshpande Garden Phase 2) is a replica of Indian Palatial courtyard or say courtyard of a Fort. The beautiful walls and Fountains give it a scenic view to couple photoshoot. Check out the following pictures shot at Indian Phase of Pula Deshpande Garden.

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couple photoshoot pula deshpande leaning on wall

Isha and Harsh – True Love

couple photoshoot pula deshpande Twirl

So much in Love –
In Frame – Isha

couple photoshoot pula deshpande sitting

Royally Together – Isha and Harsh

Couple Photoshoot at Indian Phase gives you variety that no other place can give. You don’t really have to spend a lot when choosing this location. On top when you book Pula Deshpande for your couple photoshoot, you will notice that it is beautifully maintained by the authorities. Cleanliness and beautiful landscaping makes it a place to spend time without really noticing the time.

couple photoshoot chit chat

Chit Chat over Green tea
In Frame – Harsh and Akanksha

couple photoshoot pula deshpande phase 2 bench

When you simply enjoy each other’s company !
In Frame – Harsh And Akanksha

Couple photoshoot indian phase Pula deshpande

Traditional Twirl – Harsh and Akanksha

couple photoshoot kiss of love phase 2

KIss of Love !
Sukanya and Vikrant

couple photoshoot sitting royally phase 2

Sitting Royally !
Snehal and Shivraj

couple photoshoot lying on the ground phase 2

When Love finds you !
Snehal and Sanket

Phase 1 of this garden is known as Okayama Garden as its completely based on Japanese architecture. Beautiful manicured grasses, floral surroundings, the bridge and the pond and what not.. see it to believe it in the pictures below

Couple photoshoot hand in hand

Hand in Hand – Dipika and Chetan

Couple photoshoot twirling in grace

Graceful Twirl – Nainish and Deepali

Couple photoshoot walk

A Walk for all walks of life !

The bridge shot and the couple in the woods are the key images that add that spark to the couple by making their pictures look unique. The couple not only portray perfection in the pictures but both are perfect for each other in all aspects.

couple photoshoot sunset

Charm of sunset on Pooja and Piyush

Couple photoshoot look back

Looking back with confidence
Neha and Shreyas

Couple photoshoot walk and smile

Together in Love
Neha and Shreyas

Couple photoshoot walk of love

In Love Forever !
Nainish and Deepali


Couple photoshoot back to back

Together with different perspectives – Leads to success
Surabhi and Gaurav

Couple photoshoot piggy back

You have my back !
Abhishree and Swapnil

Couple photoshoot dreamy look

Your dreams are precious when you are in Love

Couple photoshoot KIss

A kiss not to miss

Couple photoshoot the proposal

Proposal and Pre-wedding !
Pinki and Roopesh

Couple photoshoot

Pre wedding amidst Nature !
Pinki and Roopesh

Couple Photoshoot Pula deshpande garden

Love for Saree…

couple photoshoot umbrella

Love umbrella !
Vishakha and Rahul

couple photoshoot okayama

When you shine in Love !
Tarana and Anirudh

couple photoshoot lean on shoulder

Love knows no bounds !
Jinit and Alisha

couple photoshoot

Made for each other !
Snehal and Shivraj

couple photoshoot pula deshpande phase 1


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Follow more Pixelworks’ Couples on our Prewedding Blogs. Learn new Trends to understand what works for you in your couple shoot. in Pune. Make sure you go through the Types and Tips of Pre wedding shoot. If that’s not all and you are still confused then go through the couple shoot and It’s worth to make your Pre wedding shoot a perfect memory for the lifetime.

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