Bringing you one of the petals from the Indian pre wedding shoot flower. An evening shoot of Pragya and Siddharth near Mulshi Lake, Pune. This shoot will give you an insight towards their love for each other, the perfection of a relationship and a promise of lifetime love.

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Indian pre wedding shoot sunset

Sunset Glow – A Promise of Love

Indian pre wedding shoot relaxing in the sunset

Relaxing when the sun sets down

Pragya and Siddharth are in Pune for work hence they got a chance to be in touch with Pixelworks for their Pre wedding shoot. Their Pre wedding shoot was shot in the lake, water fall and places around Mulshi.

Indian pre wedding shoot in woods

In Love with Each Other

Siddharth so wanted a proposal shot with Pragya. This evening was the perfect time to capture The Proposal.

Indian pre wedding shoot the proposal

Couple as Bright as Sunshine

The enthusiastic couple had a great time shooting. We wrapped up the entire shoot in 2 hours of time because they came prepared and did their homework well.

Indian pre wedding shoot waterfall

The Waterfall

Pragya zeroed down on Pixelworks Photography after a lot of research being done on how Indian pre wedding shoot should be.

Indian pre wedding shoot togetherness


Indian pre wedding shoot waterfalls

Love finds a way

Pragya and Siddharth are getting married in Dehradun, capital of Uttranchal, on November 30th. The couple is a perfect example of how a caring couple should be.

Indian pre wedding shoot lost in love

Lost in Love

Indian pre wedding shoot sunset

Sun-kissed Couple

Indian pre wedding shoot will give you immense variety because of the beautiful locations. The physical features of india gives you a variety of places from mountains to beaches and plains to plateau.

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Ans – Here are some tips for your Pre  wedding shoot.

Q4. What Poses should I keep in mind for my Pre wedding shoot?

Ans- Here is a guide to help you with 99 poses for your Pre wedding shoot.

Q5. What are the best locations for Pre wedding shoot in Pune?

Ans- Best locations for pre wedding shoot in Pune.

Q6. What is the worth of my Pre wedding shoot?

Ans- Here you go to check the worth of your Pre wedding shoot.



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