Forest Pre wedding shoot ??

Yes Forest pre wedding shoot !! Ever thought how a forest can be a perfect location for your Pre wedding shoot…

Check out the glimpses before you plan your Pre wedding shoot.

(FAQs related to Pre wedding shoot are at the end of this article)

Forest Pre wedding shoot Lehenga

Glowing Forest

forest pre wedding shoot walk


Pune gives you variety in locations when it comes to Pre wedding Shoot. Forest is getting popular day by day and has several advantages too.

1, Season is the Reason – Forest looks good in all seasons in Pune. Be it summer, spring, autumn or winter, each season offers a different shade.

forest pre wedding shoot flowers


2. Let go other Locations- Most of the times you can do away with the location charges. You really don’t need to pay anything for forest pre wedding shoot except the photography fees,

forest pre wedding shoot togetherness

When love finds a way…

3. Less is no Mess – There are less or no people to disturb you in your forest pre wedding shoot. No disturbance means amazing shoot time.

forest pre wedding shoot couple

Wide Woods, Wider Love

4. Get Comforted- There’s depiction of mind blowing chemistry in the couple and that is what a photographer is looking for while clicking the pictures. Since there is no disturbance you are not hesitant in getting closer or holding hands.

forest pre wedding shoot embrace

When you embrace the Rest-of-Your-Life

Forest pre wedding shoot intimate

Steal a kiss!

5. Let the Surroundings Speak – Forest pre wedding shoot is all about Natural surroundings. Dry leaves and trees giving the bollywood effect.

Forest pre wedding shoot

Misty mornings in the forest

6. Trees enhance the pictures – Like I said, natural surroundings are anyway going to enhance the beauty of your togetherness and so do the trees. Feel the love amidst forest, it’s magical.

forest pre wedding shoot jungle

Lovely Two

7. Timeless Memories – I am sure after your forest pre wedding shoot, you as a couple will never visit forest for taking pictures. So make the most of this unique time and get your memories framed for a lifetime.


Forest pre wedding shoot hug

Making Memories for a lifetime

Forest pre wedding shoot sitting

Your Special Moment

8. Not a Time waste- Reaching forests in Pune is not time consuming. If you are from Pune then reaching forest maximum will take one hour for your forest pre wedding shoot.

forest pre weddong shoot precious time

Precious Time spent

9. Bond gets Strong- Forest Pre wedding shoot Strengthens the bond. The sweet nothings shared on the forest pre wedding shoot are the precious feelings you can experience. This experience is party to strengthening the bond that you share.

forest pre wedding shoot sharing joys

Sharing the Joys together

10. Love grows – Just like the Bamboo and Tree plantation, your love will grow on a forest pre wedding shoot. The bamboo plantations at the resorts or the tall trees on hills make for a romantic picture from a hill station. Such places can be found a plenty in the region.

pre wedding sunset shoot

Going to a location like this is so refreshing. If you plan a forest pre wedding shoot amidst routine, you are sure to enjoy the shoot as well as time spent with your loved one.

pre wedding forest shoot

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Q1. What is the best time to have a pre wedding shoot in forest ?

Well ideally it should be either early morning around sunrise or evening around sunset/just before sunset.

Q2. I am looking for a unique Pre wedding shoot, can you help me with some nice ideas? 

A – For a Unique Pre wedding shoot you can plan for some uncommon things like Underwater Pre wedding shoot, Pre wedding shoot with horses, Miniature shoot and a shoot at Night. You can still check this link which gives you endless Ideas for your Pre wedding shoot.

Q3. What songs should I plan for my Pre wedding video?

Ans – Check out recent songs for your Pre wedding shoot

Q4. Why do I need a pre wedding shoot? What are the tips that can help me on my Pre wedding shoot?

Ans – Here are some tips for your Pre  wedding shoot.

Q5. What Poses should I keep in mind for my Pre wedding shoot?

Ans- Here is a guide to help you with 99 poses for your Pre wedding shoot.

Q6. What are the best locations for Pre wedding shoot in Pune?

Ans- Best locations for pre wedding shoot in Pune.

Q7. What is the worth of my Pre wedding shoot?

Ans- Here you go to check the worth of your Pre wedding shoot.



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