Good Photographer? Who is he? Where to find him?

A Good photographer is someone who understands your requirement, has the necessary skills to shoot the desired pictures and is professional enough to deliver the goods to you.

Now a days there are plenty of self claimed “wedding photographers” to be found everywhere, but before you book them, lets have a small insight into what you should be aware of. After all finding a good photographer is as important as any other part of the wedding.

Candid Photography, what does it mean?

Candid photography is the creative way of clicking pictures where emotions, expressions, decoration, happiness and celebration is given much relevance. Events are captured keeping the aesthetics in mind. The photographs can be altered and fabricated to enhance the beauty. Enhancing a photograph does not mean making it unreal but focusing on the prominence and relevance of the subject. Photographer is trained to use the high-end equipment with amazing photographic skills.

But beware, these days “Candid Photography” is like a selling keyword. Beware of the photographers who do not know what candid is and sell you normal photography services for the price of Candid. This article on traditional vs candid might be helpful in making the right decision.

Who is a professional photographer? let me explain. Very often clients don’t understand the benefits of hiring a professional photographer and get happy with a reasonable resource/ photographer friend who just started to press the click button.

The decision of choosing a photographer is your decision only but if you make the decision by knowing the pros and cons, you may end up making the correct choice.

A professional photographer is an experienced person who has spent hours and hours into training and photographing weddings. They predict the shot before clicking it every time. They also know how a shot is composed with skill and precision. Many of you still think that it’s the camera which does it all. The photographer tells the camera what needs to be done, at what settings reading the light around. A camera cannot really read the light and set itself or see the beautiful moment and click itself, can it?

After shooting around 100s of weddings a pro knows where to look and when. What ritual is important and what can be ignored. He knows when to click that perfect shot when your mom has that teary eye looking at you exchanging garlands. These are the things that come with experience.

A pro knows where the best spot in the darkest of the room and where the best light will be to give you that perfect shot which can be your profile picture for almost two years.

We have written a detailed article on professional photographers which will be helpful to you.

How to choose a Candid Photographer for your wedding?

In short, a professional photographer is a professional who is not just earning through photography, but has a professional behaviour. Right from the first enquiry to the delivery, you should look for someone who is clear and professional in his communication. And of course he should be skilled enough to give you those precious moments from your wedding day.

Budget and costs

So if pictures are important to you and you wish to hire a professional photographer you should be allocating 12-18% of the total wedding budget for Photography, of course this varies as to how much importance you wish to give to your memories. Start with the budget first, shoot enquires to people on instagram/facebook and their websites (Bigger companies usually have good websites and not just social media accounts) . Then based on your budget, find the a good photographer based on his  skill and professionalism.

Hope this helps.

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