Q1. What is Traditional Photography?


Traditional photography is style of photography that we have been seeing from ages. In this photography all events and situations are captured where emphasis is on documenting each moment rather than taking an aesthetic or artistic approach. A decent equipment is used to click the images. The photographer is trained only in terms of clicking regular pictures. It is still considered as a pocket friendly option.


Q2. What is candid photography?


Candid photography is the creative way of clicking pictures where emotions, expressions, decoration, happiness and celebration is given much relevance. Events are captured keeping the aesthetics in mind. The photographs can be altered and fabricated to enhance the beauty. Enhancing a photograph does not mean making it unreal but focusing on the prominence and relevance of the subject. You are given the liberty of selecting the pictures you want to be edited.


Photographer is trained to use the high-end equipment with amazing photographic skills. The candid Photographer will not click posed pictures and stage shots since he is only working on details with aesthetics in mind, or what according to him will fit beautifully in frame. He may ask you to hire a traditional/ studio photographer who will be capturing all the guests on the stage, group shots and every moment of the marriage that may or may not be useful to you.   


These days “Candid Photography” is like a selling keyword. Beware of the photographers who do not know what candid is and sell you normal photography services for the price of Candid.


Q3. What is contemporary Photography?


Contemporary Photography means the one which exists for the present times. It is the modern artistic approach.

Contemporary Photographer uses his artistic approach to click pictures. He will stick to the number of pictures to be delivered and will have liberty of selecting the best, artistic, creative pictures from the lot. The end result gives you a combination of fine art portraits, some details like rituals and decor and some beautiful expressions good to go on social media or for canvas prints for your hall.  

Q4. What is Pixelworks Style of Photography?

Pixelworks has always been a pro-active performer in the field of Photography and strives to cater to the clients in the best possible way.


The style of photography that we offer is the combination of both candid and contemporary.  The results that you get give you fine art portraits, artistic pictures, venue decor, bride’s and groom’s expressions, happiness, colours,

posed shots, stage shots, all guests covered in the pictures, rituals etc. Pixelworks’ team believes in flexible approach and has clear vision, they get adjusted to the scenario and situation, become part of your family and give you the best results.


You get two Photographers, one focuses on the details whereas other focuses on the stage shots, group shots. The quality of the photographs is far beyond traditional photography since both the photographers use high end equipment and are skilled to click candid and contemporary shots. The quality of the photographs is based on three things equipment, lighting and photographers’ vision. The results can be best seen on our website gallery or facebook page(link)


You get the liberty of selecting the pictures out of the lot. You can ask your photographer for details.




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