Photography is ever evolving and there is no denying the fact that it has contributed a lot in terms of bringing in new things such as Drones, photo booths, selfie booth, props, candid moments, proposal shots and what not ! This is the year of color smoke photoshoot and smoke bomb to be “a must have” prop. A prop that adds magic to your pictures, a prop that lets you have dream like effect and a prop which makes Pre your wedding shoot complete.

(FAQs related to Pre wedding shoot are at the end of the article)

color smoke pre wedding yellow

Yellow creating Magic

Pre wedding photo shoot trends 2018 color smoke

Pink Romance

Smoke bombs are getting used widely in India and abroad especially for Pre wedding shoots. Pixelworks have been using smoke bombs in their pre wedding shoots keeping the magic and the special dreamy effect that it creates in pictures. Color smoke photoshoot is the order of the day for people planning their pre wedding shoot.

Color Smoke photoshoot at night

Colorful Adventure !

Color Smoke photoshoot Lehenga

Flying Colors !

pre wedding photoshoot in pune color bomb

Pink Pixels

pre wedding shoot trends 2018 smoke bomb yellow

Smoky Love

Color Smoke photoshoot

Magic of Love

If you too are planning for a color smoke photoshoot then here are somethings that you should know…

  1. People allergic to smoke should avoid it, since it creates a thick smoke.
  2. Smoke bombs usually have strong smell.
  3. Windy areas/ location may not give you the desired results.
  4. Smoke bombs do not leave stains on clothes and are extremely safe to use that way.
  5. Always carry two to three packs of smoke bombs.
Color Smoke photoshoot at beach

Smoke on the Water….

The Box of Colour smoke can be bought at a price of Rs.150-250 for a set of 5. All colors are different and there is no “correct” label telling which one is which colour.

color smoke bomb pack price

The colour bombs also don’t have any definite time for how long they will run. Some last longer than others.

colour smoke photoshoot

If you are okay with the above mentioned points then color smoke photoshoot is the way to go. If you are looking for ideas then don’t forget to read the tips and certain trends that will give you an insight on how your Pre wedding should be.

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Q1. Is it a prop that you provide if we book a Pre wedding Shoot?

Ans- Yes, we provide you with smoke bomb for your Pre wedding shoot.

Q2. Is there any substitute for smoke bomb, like Holi colours etc.

Ans – The effect that smoke bomb gives is entirely different than Holi colours. Better make use of Smoke bomb.

Q3. Are they easily available in market?

Ans- Yes smoke bombs are easily available in market.

Q4. I am looking for a unique Pre wedding shoot, can you help me with some nice ideas? 

Ans – For a Unique Pre wedding shoot you can plan for some uncommon things like Underwater Pre wedding shoot, Pre wedding shoot with horses, Miniature shoot and a shoot at Night. You can still check this link which gives you endless Ideas for your Pre wedding shoot.

Q5. What songs should I plan for my Pre wedding video?

Ans – Check out recent songs for your Pre wedding shoot

Q6. Why do I need a pre wedding shoot? What are the tips that can help me on my Pre wedding shoot?

Ans – Here are some tips for your Pre  wedding shoot.

Q7. What Poses should I keep in mind for my Pre wedding shoot?

Ans- Here is a guide to help you with 99 poses for your Pre wedding shoot.

Q8. What are the best locations for Pre wedding shoot in Pune?

Ans- Best locations for pre wedding shoot in Pune.

Q9. What is the worth of my Pre wedding shoot?

Ans- Here you go to check the worth of your Pre wedding shoot.



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