In the midst of common and uncommon, unique and different, here we bring to you an exclusive bike photo shoot and a lifestyle pre wedding shoot !! This is a shout out to all the bikers who just got engaged or getting married soon. Try your very own bike photo shoot as your pre wedding shoot and frame memories for life.

(FAQs related to Pre wedding shoot are at the end of this article)


A bike photo shoot ride

Love-Ride !!

A bike photo shoot pre wedding

When Passion Is Framed !!

Prateek is an ardent biker, Rides a Yamaha, and his passion is much appreciated by his beloved Ananya. They thought of a very unique idea to be implemented in their pre wedding shoot.  They were pretty clear with what they wanted, a bike photo shoot & lifestyle pre wedding shoot.

A bike photo shoot timeless ride

Timeless moment !!

A bike photo shoot helmet

Lovely Two !!

There is a special charm in riding bikes on Pune roads and get clicked this awesome. And when you have a pillion to accompany you for life. You are sorted !!

A bike photo shoot love

A ride worthwhile !!

The shoot took place in the evening around 4 pm. This is the best time to click pictures on road considering the sunlight and less traffic. A bike photo shoot generally looks good in open areas and fields, or near the highways.

A bike photo shoot sunset

A moment with the sunset !!

After the pre wedding shoot with the bike we went ahead shooting with some traditional Pre wedding shots followed by night Pre wedding shoot. Check out the glimpses.

pre wedding shoot floral

Floral Couple !

pre wedding shoot traditional green

Life is Beautiful !!

pre wedding shoot at night

Moon-Lit Togetherness !

A pre wedding shoot at Night

Sweet Nothings !!

Ananya and Prateek wanted a mix of bike photo shoot with glimpses of sharing their special time.

We have been meeting couples for a long time now. When it comes to Pre wedding shoot, all are looking for something unique and something different. Do check out ideas and trends that we keep bringing from time to time. You may like our Pre wedding shoot articles which will give you amazing ideas to implement in your very own shoot.

For all those couples who live for their passion, Try out giving a thought to include and involve your passion into your very own Pre wedding Shoot, uniqueness is sure to come.

Q1. Do you make arrangements for the bike if I don’t own one?

Ans – If you really want to include bike in your Pre wedding shoot, you can contact people who provide vehicles on rent.

Q2.  Do we need to be a biker couple?

Ans – Not really, You should know how to ride a bike and should have a driving licence.

Q3. How long does it take to shoot a Bike Pre wedding shoot?

Ans – It takes 2- 4 hours depending upon the package and location you choose.

Q4. I am looking for a unique Pre wedding shoot, can you help me with some nice ideas? 

Ans – For a Unique Pre wedding shoot you can plan for some uncommon things like Underwater Pre wedding shoot, Pre wedding shoot with horses, Miniature shoot and a shoot at Night. You can still check this link which gives you endless Ideas for your Pre wedding shoot.

Q5. What songs should I plan for my Pre wedding video?

Ans – Check out recent songs for your Pre wedding shoot

Q6. Why do I need a pre wedding shoot? What are the tips that can help me on my Pre wedding shoot?

Ans – Here are some tips for your Pre  wedding shoot.

Q7. What Poses should I keep in mind for my Pre wedding shoot?

Ans- Here is a guide to help you with 99 poses for your Pre wedding shoot.

Q8. What are the best locations for Pre wedding shoot in Pune?

Ans- Best locations for pre wedding shoot in Pune.

Q9. What is the worth of my Pre wedding shoot?

Ans- Here you go to check the worth of your Pre wedding shoot.




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