Covid-19 pandemic has definitely delayed/cancelled many 2020 weddings and the plans have taken a backseat, but there are those who are hoping against hope and still willing to plan their weddings in a different way. Lets not wait and now call it a New Normal and get ourselves ready to deal with this pandemic as you plan your wedding.

Pixelworks Photography brings you some pointers for those who are going ahead with their wedding plans this season. Here are 11 tips on how to plan for a wedding during Coronavirus pandemic

1. Reduce your guest list to only 50 guests – Make sure you invite only super important local guests or one/two members each family. Social distancing among guests should be the first priority.

2.Guests should not have travel history – The invitees should not have any travel history 60-70 days prior to the wedding.

3. Live streaming for out-station guests or who are not able to attend the wedding – We really need to be practical here and not invite out station guests for their safety and your local guests’ safety too. In fact you can plan for a live streaming for guests not able to attend the wedding or those who are outstation. Get a live stream 360 video done by your photographer for your guests who won’t be able to come for the ceremony. Pixelworks are experts in 360VR 

4.The vendors should be hired locally – the vendors such as photographers, caterers, wedding planners, decorators should be hired locally. We must rely on our local resources as we plan the wedding in this pandemic. #VocalforLocal

5.Wedding venue should be in green zone – Wedding venue should be in green zone and should not be near any containment zone where chances of catching a virus is highly unlikely. (check the links at bottom for examples of such venues)

6.Sanitizers – Make sure you station sanitizers in the wedding venue – you can plan it well with your vendor to station the sanitizers for the guests and attendees to sanitize their hands in regular intervals. Many companies are getting the foot operated hand sanitizer stands which will be really useful for a wedding event.

7. Live photo updates – Make arrangements for live Social Media wedding updates done professionally to the guests who can’t make it to the wedding

8. Spacious Venue – will let you maintain social distancing even with less guests. You can prefer open spaces like Lawns or big banquet halls with seating allowed on all 4 sides of the mandap.

9. No compromise on the candid photography and couple portraits –  You can count this as an opportunity to get your couple portraits done having enough time and space at hand by utilizing the complete wedding venue. We have shared a small ceremony video and pics at the bottom of the article which shows our strength of making small weddings also look amazing.

10. Face mask for vendors – Face mask for everyone’s safety should be made mandatory for vendors as well as guests if you please.

11. Last but not the least, Be Pragmatic – We understand that in India wedding has always been a fancy affair with all the pomp and show but now we need to further cut down on certain choices and compromise on all that which we knew added grandeur to the wedding. If you think of the positive side then you must consider a private affair with limited guest list and still fulfilling all your dreams.

Pixelworks has shot many such private/small affair weddings in the past and we certainly know how to make things look grand even in this kind of scenario. The wedding highlighted below had less than 5 guests for the wedding pheras and less than 40 guests for reception. You can check out the video and pics we have shot at Oxford golf resort (green zone wedding venue).

Teaser Video of a small Wedding of less than 50 people

Highlights Video from small wedding gathering of less than 50 people

Pics from small wedding ceremony of less than 50 people

Wedding at Oxford Golf Resort

Wedding Movie from a private wedding less than 50 guests

If you too want your wedding pictures as beautiful as these pictures and videos, all you need to do is Contact us or Click on the Whatsapp icon to know the quote.

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