Wedding at Oxford Golf Resort is a perfect way to cherish the beautiful couple in Love. This Pixelworks’ couple is made-for-each-other. Their love and laughter, smiles and happiness speak about their being in love completely. Poonam and Ashish, met each other in college and here they are today taking vows and getting married in the most special way, exactly how they dreamt about. 

Poonam is not only beautiful but her special ways and gestures charm everyone around her. Ashish is quite introvert and yet so much in love with Poonam that it is evident without even his telling her time and again.

Here’s presenting the Wedding at Oxford Golf Resort right from Getting ready to the Pheras.

Let the slider load before you start viewing the pictures…

To know more about this wedding at Oxford Golf Resort you can check the following Cinematic videos which will give you a complete flavour of the wedding.  This is a wedding of less than 10 guests, once can see how beautifully one can shoot even a small private event like this. 

Poonam and Ashish – Wedding Teaser

Poonam and Ashish – Wedding Highlights 

Poonam and Ashish – Wedding Movie 

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