This wedding took place in Lucknow at Hyatt and was a two day event of Harsh and Isha. The celebrations began with welcoming of guests, Pool party followed by Sangeet and Haldi and Bhat the next day followed by Barat and Pheras.

This couple was meant to be together, the chemistry that they share is one of a kind and from a very glance you will notice how much they are in love with each other.

Their Pre wedding shoot took place in Pune by Pixelworks Photography at Pula Deshpande Garden. The photos and videos can be checked right on our Instagram and Youtube channel respectively. 

Below are the wedding Glimpses of Harsh and Isha. enjoy watching the pictures from wedding at Hyatt.



Let the slider load and swipe left or right to view the pictures…

Wedding at Hyatt was an incredible event. We had a great time shooting for this amazing couple. We wish them happiness galore with a Promise that their pictures are going to shine forever and ever.

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Check Other functions of Harsh and Isha’s weddings on the following videos 

Pre wedding video Of Isha and Harsh 

Harsh Isha’s Wedding Teaser 

Harsh Isha’s Wedding Trailer


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