Portrait Shoot, 2012.

A photoshoot with Nikhil, was not just a photoshoot, it was a paradigm shift for me… Okay! I heard it!! It sounds more like a worship than just a praise! I would love to explain, why… If you had been to gym and like to get yourself framed in the best shape of the year, or to get a profile pic, you know water retention in your body is a bitch. Along with the hard work you have to put to achieve body fat percentage in single digit, you need an extra-mile of penance to dry yourself out to look best on camera, and why do we do that! Because we think, its our job to look best in front of the lens, and the guy holding the lens just has to click it! That said, here is my paradigm shift! You don’t need to punish yourself before you stand in front of Nikhil Sood! He makes you look the best of the bests you ever had seen in you, even on the your bad days. He can see through the best angles which a camera would love, sometimes I wonder, his brain is a camera and his eyes are the lenses!! So, for me, I would rate him the best, a very professional guy who is passionate about his work and has all the equipment to accomplish the job to achieve 200% result. (As reviewed on Flatpebble)

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