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  • As always amazing pictures. Always loved to watch them. Beautiful compositions and perfect moments captured in a very professional yet very friendly way. Always a pleasure !! (Posted on facebook)

    Arnab Chowdhury
  • Amazing person, amazing teacher, amazing work. Recommended.(Posted on facebook)

    Aman Shrivastava
  • Highly recommend this if you are looking for professional photographer to capture your memorable moments (be it wedding or corporate events). Nikhil is all about being aesthetic and candid when it comes to photography. His hard work comes out clearly through his photos. Worth every penny! (Posted on Google Local Business)

    Vipin Rathor
  • Have seen his work and have been extremely impressed by Nikhil’s work. I would blindly recommend my family and friends to avail his services!! Best of luck and keep up with the great work Nikhil! 🙂

    (Rated on Google Local Business)

    Shubham Thorat
  • Nikhil’s passion for photography, zero compromise attitude for quality and smart work ensures amazing results. Highly rated by me for all the work that he has done for me personally and professionally. Recommended for all types of photography, be it wedding, portfolio, corporate or sports. (Rated on google local business)

    Niranjan Vaidya
  • Amazing work and very very good creativity. Nikhil knows photography from inside out, be it pre wedding photography, wedding photography or any corporate event coverage. Good work Nikhil. Keep it up…… (Rated on google local business)

    Ishan Pandya
  • Professional work. Excellent. Recommended. (Rated on google local business)

    Vishwas Mokashi
  • Nikhil has been very professional and creative in his approach. His work has really been appreciated. His ideas and never ending focus about the photography and assignments has given us extra ordinary output in the form of Brilliant photographs. I would really recommend him literally for any kind of assignment specially candid. I wish Pixelworks all the success and best wishes for their future endeavors. Looking forward to working with Pixelworks again.

    Sachin Nimbalkar
  • We had approached Pixelworks for our wedding shoot. Unlike others who throw rates and packages for various things. We did not even discuss it initially. The whole emphasis was on the concept and the story of the couple. Instead of the package, only things which were added to the story were suggested. When you have a team working furiously with their big cameras and tech innovations like action cameras and drones, you know something awesome is going to happen !!

    If I have to nitpick- the video took some time but the final output blew us away. Just like the movies !

    Mikhail Mitra
  • Pixelworks did a fantastic job. Nikhil delivered the quality that he had assured.Worth every penny I paid. Thanks Pixelworks for making my memories look so beautiful.

    Himani Kamal
  • Thank you so much for creating an absolutely perfect and beautiful birthday album for my son’s first birthday. Was little worried as I got Nikhil’s reference online but the job done by you is incredible. You have been amazing , so professional and friendly! We will continue to recommend you to everyone!!

    Komal Pillai
  • Jwalin and I were looking for someone who could capture the moments without interrupting them. Pixelworks did a great job at it. Their presence was not a distraction or inconvenience to us. Not once during the celebrations did they stop us to take our photos. All the photos as well as the video came out naturally. There were no awkward smiles but plenty of laughter. They did a fantastic job compiling the photos and made sure we were completely satisfied with the album. Considering, we don’t reside in the same country, there was a lot of emailing back and forth, but Nikhil was extremely patient and worked with us through our tiny little demands. They are polite, considerate and their work is flawless. I could not have been more happy with their service.

  • The quality and work ethics of the team is beyond compare. I am happy that  I chose Pixelworks Photography. Value for money.

    Praney Arora
  • Nikhil shot the destination wedding for my sister. I am highly impressed with the quality of work delivered. He used drones to capture the amazing moments in slow motion. He also ended up doing a portfolio shoot for me and my husband. Highly recommended professional photographer.

    Sucheta Sharma
  • Excellent and professional service!

    Manish Chhabra
  • I have been following Nikhil Sood’s photography since April 2010. His talent, consistency, and color vibrancy makes him an obvious pick for your or any of your acquaintance’s wedding. Nikhil is always prompt with his responses, helps people work within their budget and facilitated the whole process smoothly. And after all was said and done, you will be all assured to get your photos within 3 weeks to relive your lifetime memory!! I’ve heard of friends waiting even up to 6 months to get theirs, so his services are always the one to go for. Kudos to him for his hard work, dedication and making people smile even more after their D-day.

    Raja Majumder, Consultant

    Raja Majumder, Consultant
  • Nikhil has a tremendous eye for detail and emotions. He captured some of the most beautiful moments which not many would have noticed! Every time we see our wedding pictures, we just fall in love all over again. Nikhil brings life to every picture long after the events have passed. Amazing and beautiful work! We wish Nikhil all the very very best. And not to forget.. if you want to treasure and relive your memories.. make sure Nikhil is capturing those moments. He will make it even more beautiful than what you could ever imagine. 🙂 Love and best wishes, Tulis. (As reviewed on Flatpebble)

    Aparna Telang Tuli, Manager

    Aparna Telang Tuli, Manager
  • Nikhil is a photographer who knows his work – as first timers, we were unsure about a few things but since he was so confident of what he thought, we decided that would help us! And it did! During the shoot, Nikhil contributed a lot – he did a number of retakes until we were all satisfied with the results. He provided his opinion on the food styling as well – that helped to make changes and try different shots. He was professional with the timelines he committed to and was responsive after the shoot as well. He seemed open to receiving feedback and we felt confident that the outcome of the shoot would be as we imagined it to be. This was confirmed by the positive comments that we received for the final prints.


  • It was a really good experience hiring him for our wedding photography. He didnt trouble us to give particular poses during pre wedding photo shoot. It was quite comfortable and a very good value for money. Final prints of the photos were awesome…..

    Sri Ramya,

    Sri Ramya
  • The images that we have received from Nikhil for my friend’s wedding have left me speechless. Great job !!! I was looking for a wedding photographer for my friend’s wedding and so I had approached a few photographers. The quality of the images on Nikhil’s website and the price he was offering made me finalize him. And I feel the decision I took to hire him was the best. The images that he gave us were truly great. He covered all the important moments of the wedding with the best candid reactions of everyone. In fact even the family members loved the images, because even they had got full coverage in the album ;-). Thank you very much Nikhil for the good work. Keep it up.

    Avinash Goenka,

    Avinash Goenka
  • Portrait Shoot, 2012.

    A photoshoot with Nikhil, was not just a photoshoot, it was a paradigm shift for me… Okay! I heard it!! It sounds more like a worship than just a praise! I would love to explain, why… If you had been to gym and like to get yourself framed in the best shape of the year, or to get a profile pic, you know water retention in your body is a bitch. Along with the hard work you have to put to achieve body fat percentage in single digit, you need an extra-mile of penance to dry yourself out to look best on camera, and why do we do that! Because we think, its our job to look best in front of the lens, and the guy holding the lens just has to click it! That said, here is my paradigm shift! You don’t need to punish yourself before you stand in front of Nikhil Sood! He makes you look the best of the bests you ever had seen in you, even on the your bad days. He can see through the best angles which a camera would love, sometimes I wonder, his brain is a camera and his eyes are the lenses!! So, for me, I would rate him the best, a very professional guy who is passionate about his work and has all the equipment to accomplish the job to achieve 200% result. (As reviewed on Flatpebble)

    Mrinal Shekhar, Project Manager