The story is about gorgeous Tarana and charming Anirudh, the duo fell in love and got married in a royal style on the 11th of February 2017 at Hyatt, Pune. The candid pictures from their wedding (Hyatt Pune) shows the love they have for each other. The made for each other couple looked perfect in every way. Tarana’s smile and Anirudh’s charming ways are captured beautifully in the pictures by Pixelworks Photography.

Tarana’s unique taste is quite evident in the choices that she had made from her jewelry to bridal outfit and from that bindi to that maang tika. Anirudh’s simplicity takes the lead and makes him everyone’s favorite.

The couple’s candid wedding photography is full of happiness and fun, be it Haldi, Chuda ceremony, Baraat, Gharoli or Wedding. Their pre-wedding shoot was shot earlier this year and can be seen on our Instagram and Facebook page.

The candid pictures from their happening sangeet had already been shared here.

Tarana’s home functions were captured at her Viman Nagar Residence and here are a few happy and candid moments from Haldi, Gharoli and Chuda ceremonies. What makes candid photography special is how it focuses on emotions, be it laughter, happiness, mother getting teary eyed at her daughters wedding or the full on dance and masti at the baraat. You can see the gallery here.

Watch our cinematic trailers here . Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated with our work. For any enquires please get in touch with us at [email protected] . If you liked the pictures please leave a comment below and/or share it on your page by clicking on the facebook share button. The venue for the wedding, Hyatt Pune provides a good space to shoot and the 5-star hotel has a great vibe too all in all helping us create even more beautiful memories for you. We loved shooting here at the hotel Hyatt Pune.

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