Pre wedding Shoot Guidelines

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Here are some Pre Wedding Shoot Guidelines that will help you through and through. This is a ready article for you which has come from our years of experience after providing pre wedding services in India and abroad.

  1. REST IS IMPORTANT – We request you to have plenty of rest a day prior the shoot and plan that there should not be any run around for dresses etc or travelling from one city to the city where we have planned the shoot. No drooping shoulders and stressed face can be fixed via filters or photoshop.
  2. STAY FULL – Stay hydrated, keep drinking water when shooting, come well fed as Pre wedding shoot can be tiring for those who have not eaten well. Especially ladies because dressing up and makeup take the lead and food takes the back seat. Keep things ready for munching in a pouch, dry fruits or energy bars. Sometimes the shoot location is not a commercialized location so carry water along.
  3. BE ON TIME– It is quite a task. Believe you me, Out of 10 only 2 couples make on time and I am serious !! Generally locations which are booked for shoot are time bound and hence we should try to make the most of the time bought. The couple needs to understand that we are photographing non actors who are actually not habituated to camera and lights. There are “n” numbers of retakes if the pictures don’t come out well. It is a pressure on to the photographer also to deliver number of pictures promised if the couple reaches the venue late. Reaching late at the venue may cost you losing number of pictures promised. Pixelworks Photography will not be responsible in compensating for the time lost due to your reaching late at the venue.
  4. PLANNING MAKEUP AND DRESSES – We ask you to do the makeup and come dressed in your first dress which takes more time eg saree/ Lehenga or any Indian attire for the shoot. After that you can plan dresses which can be a quick-wear. With every quick dress change,plan only touch up or quick makeup. All these things planned in advance save a lot of time and give you super cool results.
  5. NEVER SAY NO TO COMFORT – Keep Sneakers or comfy shoes for walking and as in when there’s a shoot time change to heels. Staying in heels for long will tire you to the hilt and the shoot will get affected.
  6. STAY IN TOUCH – When you book Pixelworks Photography for wedding or Pre-wedding, we make a whatsApp group of experts planning your shoot, poses, props and location. It is always good if you share your dresses beforehand since it helps in planning what, where and when. It is always good to share the poses from our blogs (or internet) that you like at least a week in advance.
  7. IRONED CLOTHES – speak volume. Please don’t ask us to photoshop crumpled dresses. We also don’t change/edit the color of your dress. Suppose you are wearing green evening gown and ask us to make it pink. Buy Pink instead !!
  8. DO NOT BRING YOUR FRIENDS – Please Please and Please don’t ask your friends, family, MIL, SIL to accompany you at the shoot. A pre-wedding shoot is your shoot and it plays a vital role in strengthening your bond. First of all people along with you will distract you and secondly you may not be comfortable giving intimate shots like kissing and hugging. Forgive us for being straight but it comes from experience !!
  9. BUBBLES AND SMOKE BOMBS – These props are dependent on wind and its direction. The pictures may or may not come as expected.
  10. CLEANLINESS – Generally all locations are paid or charge some amount for permission for photography. Needless to say but It is our duty/ responsibility as a citizen to leave the location/garden/property clean and refrain from littering.

Pixelworks Photography wishes you an amazing shoot !!

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Important : If you have taken shoot at Pula Deshpande Garden (Okayama Garden) then please note that only 5 people are allowed in One Permission, Generally our team members are three, that makes a total of 5 in all. However, to accomodate more people like make up artist, friends or someone assisting you, one more permission is required and that will be payable by the client.

Here is a guide to help you with  Poses for your Pre wedding shoot.

Do take snap shots of Poses and let us know if you want to replicate some in your Pre wedding shoot from here.

If there is any doubt or confusion on any of the above Pre wedding shoot guidelines do not hesitate to get in touch with us for clarification.

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