Rita and Tarun were looking for exclusivity and quality in their couple shoot. Their choice was pretty simple, they wanted pictures which are timeless and speak about their love for each other. They did not want to go for the cliched shots with save the date title or props. In conversation with the couple about Pre Wedding Photoshoot ideas, we understood their unique taste and their liking. All they wanted was memories which reflect their love. We mutually decided on the J.W.Marriot, Pune as the shoot location to do their Pre Wedding Photoshoot. (To browse our other pre wedding shoot articles, tips, how to get your shoot done etc click here : https://www.pixelworks.in/category/pre-wedding-shoot/ )

Pre wedding shoot, piano

When we presented this picture to the couple, Rita and Tarun were delighted. This is a perfect picture to be framed and hung on a wall.

Tarun and Rita, look picture perfect when they walk on a pathway enjoying greenery around. This moment of sharing sweet nothings is one of the special shots and close to our heart.

Pre wedding picture, a walk in the garden

Holding hands and looking at each other. This is the beginning of the rest of the life. A promise of love.

The made-for-each-other couple made a perfect memory. A moment for a lifetime.

Pre wedding photo shoot propsal 2

Italian Restaurant Alto Vino being their favorite hangout place.

Rita and Tarun celebrating their love !! (At Pasha)

pre wedding shoot royal



Their Pre Wedding Photoshoot is also a memory for Pixelworks as much it is for the couple Rita and Tarun. They belong together and it is quite evident in their Romantic memories from the Pre Wedding Photoshoot.

pre wedding romantic shot

Pixelworks photography makes the Pre Wedding Photoshoot look different from and classy irrespective of where we shoot. Click here to see the other pre wedding shoots captured by us to check how a simple location can be captured at its best.

Pre wedding shoot boat

Tarun and Rita had no idea what we were doing when we asked them to pose for some shots. The results blew their minds when they received the pictures.

One of Tarun’s request was a picture something similar to the Amitabh and Jaya’s Portrait on the wall from K3G.

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