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As Pixelworks has been into Photography services for a very long time now, we have had our set of experiences in terms of getting the final selection from the client for the album. Initially the clients had faced issues in terms of giving their final selection. Some used selection by deleting the irrelevant images, some made excel sheets with the image numbers and some left the selection job on us. Hence the album took a backseat. For some it took months, and for some it took years to select the final images. We understood this and came up with an easy way of selecting the pictures with the help of technology. Now you really don’t have to deal with pen drives, CDs, excel sheets or deletion process. Your selection is just a click away.

Pixelworks came up with the easy method of selection on our website where a private link is shared with the clients and relatives. You just have to keep adding the images whichever you like and the immediate selection can be shared with us. The selection can be done twice, one for the album and second for keepsake pictures that you want edited.

How does it work?

1. We share a (private) link with you. The link takes you to the private gallery on the website and you see your pictures. The links are separate for each function. Only people who have access to the link can view and select the pictures.

2. Mark your selection by clicking add to cart, Finalise the list by placing order, This ensures that we have received your selected list. The process is as similar to any ecommerce site, however there would not be any cost for you. Ignore the cost part, simply “Place order”.

3. The albums on the web are going to be day wise as per the functions, with separate links. This will do away dealing with an awkward situation if Sharma Uncle asks for the pictures from reception and he was not invited for the cocktail. Share only the link where he was present on your wedding.

4. You are not forced to select ten pictures of a particular friend. If your selection has only one, let it be. And if your friend wants all ten pictures for his purpose, please direct him to the link and he can make his purchase from Pixelworks website. If you select all ten pictures for him, that will be counted in your number of selection agreed as per the agreement.

5. For viewing only, the links can be shared with your distant relatives and friends when you actually can’t share the pen drives and DVDs.

6. First select the Pictures for Album and the rest for editing, However editing will be done on both the selections. Eg if Pixelworks shares 100 pictures with you. You select 20 for the album and 30 remaining for the editing as keepsake. Select twice for one function. Place order for first 20 for album, place order for next 30 for keepsake edited pictures.

7. The album link is accessible anywhere and on any device.

8. “zoom” on mouse hover functionality so that you can check faces/smiles also.

9. remember, these pics are for your picture selection, so these are not the final version and are not downloadable.

Hope this process helps you in selecting the pictures. Just in case you get stuck somewhere, we are just a phone call away. Thank you for reading this article and choosing Pixelworks Photography.

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