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Nikhil Sood, Founder, Owner Photographer at Pixelworks Photography. Owner and Director of Photography at Motohive Media Pvt. Ltd. (Motohive , )

Founder, Owner at The Moto Cafe.

Nikhil Sood

About me:

Since I come from an Army family background, we have stayed in many different cities of India. Most of the times we traveled by road from one place to another whenever my father got transferred. That’s how my love for roads grew time-to-time we got to travel. That was just the beginning.

All through my life i had been one of the top three rankers in school and distinction holder in college. I have always believed in simplifying the complex procedures by breaking them into bits and parts for understanding and that’s how gained remarkable success in subjects i had picked up for studies, which further helped me giving my hundred percent to anything, be it project work, organizing college fest or completing the syllabus on time for Exams.

We have lived a life, which is disciplined and yet simple. Being in Army culture we have got various opportunities to hone the talents and learn new things. And that’s how I inculcated a lot of hobbies like sports, touring, biking, horse riding and photography. Photography I started much early in life when I was 15. I also started reviewing bikes when I was 18.

After completing my degree, joined HSBC as a software engineer. Worked there for 3 years and always felt that there is something missing, as I had no time for my hobbies and following my passion. Photography and Biking as my passions go hand in hand. So I decided to move forward and gave up my job at HSBC. I was at crossroads of life but not confused. Started “The Moto cafe'” in Pune which became a huge hit among bikers across Pune. At the same time I started Photography as a profession in 2012, which had been my hobby since childhood days.

Photography became more demanding and I was left with less time to contribute to Cafe’ and it’s growth. It was then I decided to close down Cafe and devote more time to Photography with Full focus. A tech background, a creative & artistic bent and a forever love of automobiles has brought me here at this juncture. I have owned & ridden several 110 cc to 1000cc motorcycles in the last 16 years. My first long distance tour (750kms) on a two-wheeler was in 1999 on a 65cc – 3 geared Hero Puch with pillion and solo 600kms+ on a Bajaj Caliber when I turned 18. I have ridden internationally in Thailand and Scotland, done tour of South India and Leh-Ladakh. I had been to Chennai racetrack, Buddh International circuit and Kolhapur track. My total mileage on two wheelers till date is around 2 lakh kms+ .

Next up is a ride at Chennai track (MMSC) on Invitation from Yamaha Motors Company to ride their newly launched motorcycle on 14th March.

Summing up – I love Photography, I understand Bikes

Nikhil sood

Nikhil Sood Biker

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