Pixelworks presenting candid moments from Nalini and Pranay’s wedding on 17th January 2017 at Radisson hotel, Kharadi, Pune. For any queries please get in touch with us on [email protected]

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Nalini and Pranay’s wedding was performed in Bengali style. The bride looked picture perfect and so did the groom with his Topar (Head gear) on. There were several rituals that took place from the time the baraat arrived. The purohit started the Pooja with Pranay first and after that Nalini joined him at the mandap. The charming bride arrived sitting on a “piri” (wooden seat) carried by her brothers.

This moment was such a special moment for Nalini and Pranay as now was the time when “Saat Paak” ceremony took place. Nalini hid her face with two betel leaves and took seven pheras around Pranay seated on a Piri.

 Next came “Shubhodrishti” when Nalini uncovered her face removing the betel leaves to see Pranay and their eyes met. This ritual is accompanied by ululation (ulu-uli) and blowing of conch shells followed by Kanya Sampradaan.Finally comes the Sindurdaan, when the grooms Bhabhi’s and sisters covers the bride’s forehead by a saree, called the ‘lojja bostro,’ which is gifted by the groom himself. The groom then puts sindur on her forehead (maang). It is then that they are considered socially married and one.

Seeing Bengali wedding is a different experience if you have not seen it ever. You can still check out the snap shots which gives a brief understanding of how it all performed and how Pixelworks captured it Just for you. Hope you enjoyed the glimpses from Nalini and Pranay’s wedding. More updates will follow on our social media on facebook and Instagram.

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