What is Photography?

Learn the Art and the Science of Photography. What does Photography really mean? Learn the art of story telling, learn how to train your eye and become a photographer.

What is my learning from “Learn Photography” Workshop?

Understand photography, both the artistic and technical aspects of it. Learn the art of story telling and learn how to train your eye to see things differently. You will learn how to create unique pics, even with your phone camera.

Who should attend this Workshop?

Beginners, amateurs, photographers, anyone willing to enhance their overall skills and understanding of Photography.

How will this workshop enhance my Photography Skills?

Learn to shoot better, learn how to utilise your camera/kit to the fullest, learn to edit faster in Lr (Adobe Lightroom) and further editing in Ps (Adobe Photoshop)

Why should I attend this workshop?

If you are a budding photographer or an amateur photographer and wish to understand more and learn the correct techniques of “Shooting right” and Editing then should attend the workshop to enhance your skills.

Where is the workshop happening?


What are the features of the “Learn Photography” Workshop?

Theory of photography

Usage and trial of equipment, learning your equipment.

practice days after each theory.

editing workshop included.

learn categorisation and quick editing in Lr.

What is the duration of the workshop?

4 day theory, 4 day outdoor and studio shoot workshop. 2 days of post workshop feedback sessions.

₹25000 + 18% GST

What do I need before I join this workshop?

Enthusiasm and Energy to shoot.

What is the batch size?


For next batch dates, call us on 99-22-979-124

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