Some simple and easy tips to get you child ready for their first kids photography session. Things to remember when you are getting ready your baby for a photo shoot (0-1 yrs).

  1. Please make sure that your child has had enough sleep to stay afresh during the shoot.
  2. Let the venue be the area or place familiar to your child, otherwise the child will take long to adjust into a new place.
  3. Keep all the toys along that he likes since they keep him happy and can be used as props which can enhance the photograph.
  4. Make the most of having a photographer to click for you, try to change the dresses as many times as you can. All expressions captured in same dress may not make any difference.
  5. Keep talking to the child, be interactive, do funny things with full energy and vigour that make your child laugh as much as you can.
  6. Don’t let the child stay hungry. A well fed child is a happy child.
  7. Outdoor photographs come out well than indoors. Choose a time of the day when it’s not pleasant with enough light outside. Suitable time could be Morning 9-10 am or evening 4-5:30 pm.
  8. Be enthusiastic to transfer the enthusiasm in your child. Children don’t listen but the imitate.

To see how we do Kids Photoshoot, Follow the link to see the samples.



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