How to be prepared for the best pictures on your wedding day!! Here are some handy tips on how to look good in wedding pics.

We all know how to look good these days and what looks the best on us. But if we consider few points then we can really make the good in us, look the best. And remember “Preparation never goes to waste”

Some points to ponder upon to enhance your photographs

  1. Smile – Smile is like icing on the cake. It enhances beauty and adds an oomph factor to beauty. Imagine a bride without the smile. Now imagine a bride with the smile. Yes there you are. A smiling bride will look 100 times better than the bride who doesn’t smile. So practice smiling in advance and apply it in full force on your wedding day.
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  2. Delegate responsibilities – And that’s what bride’s maid and best men are for. Sometimes Bride and groom are so busy managing their own wedding by dealing with vendors in getting the work done, that the list of never ending tasks makes their faces look stressful. And which gets captured in the pictures. The planning and preparation should have been done a week in advance and the bride and bridegroom should only focus on themselves.
  3. Dress Rehearsal – Homework needs to be done from that little hairpin to the wedding dress and from that handkerchief to the Sherwani. Never ever try something new on your wedding day. If that fails you may not have that second opportunity to correct it, which leads to tension and which is enough to spoil the photograph of the day. Try on makeup in advance with hairstyles. Opt for what looks the best. Take suggestions of the friends and cousins if not confident. Read on what’s in vogue. List down things if you have problem remembering the tasks. This helps!!blog_5
  4. Manicure/Pedicure – We know that you are aware of how taking certain treatments and grooming sessions help in confidence and look beautiful on your special day… but sometimes we may miss out on little things, rather very little things which are of great importance. Manicured hands add that perfection when the engagement ring is worn in the ring finger. Pedicure also defines the feet which are usually seen at the time of pooja and rituals.blog_6
  5. Happy thoughts – Think about the beautiful memories when getting photographed. Our expressions reveal our thoughts. And beautiful thoughts make you look beautiful and ready for the camera.blog_3
  6. Do NOT control your laughter– You never know where the candid moment is hidden. Enjoy your day and we will take care of the rest.
  7. Research – Ask your photographer to pass on the links to you or some of his previous works where you can make him understand what you like the most about his photography and the best can implemented on your wedding day.
  8. Pixelworks becomes a part of your family while capturing your images and it is essential to direct us too to the links or kind of photography you are expecting.blog_4
  9. Posing– Brides, separate your arms from your body and show that waistline. Try seeing yourself into the mirror and you will agree more with us. The separation defines your waistline and you look picture perfect and slimmer. Do not pose square or profile towards the camera. Men look better with arms folded and posing square in front of the camera. Don’t worry, we will guide you while posing.blog_7
  10. Elongate your neck– Elongate your neck by lowering your shoulders towards the camera and raising chin up. It also hides the double chin. Yes, now try that in front of the mirror and you will notice the difference.
  11. Feel like a celebrity– It’s your day. The spot light is going to be on you. Feel like a celebrity and our photographer will make you feel like one.blog_8
  12. Plan your clothing – The bride and bridegroom should plan what they are going to wear on their wedding day.

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A bride wearing red and bridegroom wearing blue may not complement each other well in photographs.


All the best for your wedding day!


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