Presenting the best marathi wedding pictures for the Pixelworks Photography fan club. This is the wedding of the most stunning couple – Ajinkya and Juhi, and we are sure you can’t agree more !

Generally Marathi weddings are simple and yet full of rituals and traditional stuff. Most of the times you will notice the guests dressed up in Mahrashtrian style. Especially ladies in Navari saree (a Traditional marathi saree which is longer than usual sarees) with choker (necklace) and nath (nose ring) and Gajra (Flowers for hair styling) . Marathi weddings last for a day where in several rituals are divided into three to four parts. In a day sometimes bride and groom change their attire 3/4 times depending on the wedding rituals.

Ajinkya and Juhi met in college and that’s how they fell in love. According to Ajinkya, Juhi is the most beautiful girl ever. Candid photography not only captured their love for each other but their lovely expressions too. Their smile and beautiful gestures formed the best marathi wedding pictures.

Best Marathi Wedding pictures of Ajinkya and Juhi.

Ajinkya and Juhi’s wedding cinematic video will give you an insight on how those rituals were performed right from their pre wedding to the pheras. Click on the following link to know their story.

Ajinkya Juhi Highlights Video

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