Haldi at Hyatt – A Grand Celebration

This post is about a Grand Haldi celebration of Harsh and Isha at Hyatt, Lucknow. The made-for-each-other couple Harsh and Isha looked so amazing and Vibrant within the marigold decor as the yellow Haldi being applied on them.

In Indian culture Haldi(Turmeric) holds a special place when it comes to Wedding rituals. Apart from having medicinal values Haldi is applied to the couple before their wedding to keep away evil eye and to enhance their glow at the wedding. All the relatives and friends, nears and dears apply Haldi to the couple to bless them and wish them a Happy married life. Haldi is considered as a special element which is used in Hindu ceremonies and rituals as Tilak or Ubtan.

Check out the beautiful couple on their Haldi at Hyatt ! Glimpses below

You can slide the images after they load…

Check Out the Glimpses of Haldi at Hyatt Lucknow above…..

Harsh and Isha (#isharsh) chose Hyatt Lucknow for their destination wedding for two days. The events started with Welcoming the guests, Sangeet and performances , pool party followed by wedding ceremonies. Check out the cinematic videos to know more about Haldi at Hyatt and other wedding functions.

Harsh and Isha’s Wedding Teaser

Harsh and Isha’s wedding Trailer

The couple’s Pre wedding shoot was shot in Pune at Pula Deshpande Garden. Check out the beautiful couple in the following links

Harsh and Isha’s Pre wedding Teaser

Harsh and Isha’s Pre wedding Music Video

Make an inquiry for your wedding and know the packages by clicking Chat Now on the screen. To get updated with our real weddings, Keep watching this blog space. We are soon to bring out the Sangeet, Pool Party and Wedding Images in our wedding blog section. Till then Enjoy Haldi at Hyatt

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